Thursday, September 15, 2005

Misplaced Loyalist Self-Pity

An interesting article appeared in yesterday's Daily Ireland which showed that Orange claims that loyalists rioted because they had been relegated behind catholics economically were simply untrue. Figures from various government departments showed that rioters were using it as a red herring, and catholics continue to lag behind their protestant counterparts in terms of jobs, etc.

According to the article:

EQUALITY COMMISSION EMPLOYMENT STATS - Cath 41 percent Protestants 58 per cent
DSD WEAK COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE - Cath 57 per cent Protestants 41 per cent
NOBLE INDEX OF DEPRIVATION - Two thirds of those in top 20 deprived wards in North are Catholic

Alban Maginness, the SDLP's Justice Spokesman, questioned the response of unionist political representatives to deprivation in loyalist areas.

"If they are so deprived and unionists are aware of this, what have they done about it and why has it not been raised and tackled before as a matter of urgency?

"This is an issue used as an excuse to cover the very serious violence that has taken place recently."

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