Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Orange Disgrace

The Orange Order says it regards itself as 'blameless' for the riots and attacks have scourged the north over the past few days. At a press conference, OO Grand Master Robert Saulters condemned the violence but claimed there was 'no evidence that Orangemen were involved in any of the disturbances'. He accused the police of being 'aggressive and arrogant' and said the violence was a 'cry of desperation' from the protestant community. Belfast County Grand Master Dawson Bailie said he would do nothing different when asked about the events of the last four days.

How can these people keep straight faces when they spout out this rubbish? Orangemen were pictured on television wielding swords and throwing stones. For a movement so obsessed with 'photographic evidence' they seem to have a blindspot for images of their own members engaging in attacks on police and innocent people.

Robbing pensioners at gunpoint on a bus and then setting it alight is not a cry of desperation- it's a cry for a good spell in jail.

The OO is shooting itself in the foot- it had the opportunity to call a spade a spade, but instead it is making the situation worse by continuing to blame everyone else. The longer this attitude goes on, the less acceptable the OO's role in society becomes, and the further harm is done to any partitionist arguments: this suits me as it makes the prospect of a united Ireland even closer, but how many people are going to be injured or killed in the meantime?

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levee said...

I've been busy this evening, so didn't catch the news. However, what I've heard so far wasn't entirely unexpected. If they'd backed down completely they'd look like even bigger hypocrites considering they called people out in the first place.

They've lost the plot completely. And the longer this continues, the more absorbed a younger generation will become in violence.