Friday, September 16, 2005

Orangemen Want Nobel Peace Prize For Riots

A hilarious pice appeared in yesterday's Irish News on the Orange excuses for the violence over recent days. OO top dog Robert Saulters claimed that the Secretary of State's decision to end recognition of the UVF's 'ceasefire' was not connected to its involvement in recent violence, but rather had come about at the behest of the SDLP, who he described as the "upper crust wing of republicanism".

So does Mr. Saulters believe that the UVF ceasefire is intact, and they are completely blameless? The SDLP can claim credit for forcing Hain's hand on the issue, but really it was just a case of pointing out the obvious!

The article continued: "Despite more than 115 shots and 146 blast and pipe bombs being thrown at security forces, Belfast county grandmaster Dawson Bailie insisted the Order was "blameless".

"Asked if he would do things differently about the weekend, he said: "Not one thing."

"When Mr Bailie then made a disastrous slip, by repeatedly telling reporters that he 'condoned violence', a senior Orange official could be heard whispering over the microphone: "Get it off him, get it off him."

Good to know that the Order in Co. Antrim has such competent leadership. I wonder if a nationalist organisation was banned from walking down Sandy Row (not that such a ridiculous request would ever be made) and violence erupted, would Mr. Bailie claim that nationalists organisation was blameless, even if its members were pictured on television wielding swords and throwing bricks.

"Meanwhile, deputy grandmaster Reverend Stephen Dickinson compared the violence with John Hume's involvements in the Civil rights movement, pointing to the fact he later received the Nobel Peace prize in 1998. It was unclear who exactly should receive the peace prize for their involvement in Saturday's violence."

What?!?! The Civil Rights movement was a dignified, well organised and completely justified peaceful campaign to end the wanton and indefensible discrimination against Catholics. It is an absolute disgrace to even mention the loyalist riots and the great work of John Hume et al during the civil rights era in the same breath. These people really are living in a bubble- it just makes the job of achieving a united Ireland all the more simple, given the opposition.

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