Thursday, September 22, 2005

Politics of the Extremes

So the IMC has said the UVF broke their ceasefire with five murders and 15 attempted murders. What's new? Surely, by definition, when one shot has been fired in anger, a ceasefire has been broken. In that case, isn't it time the UDA ceasefire was declared over? We have unelected hardmen walking the streets as if they own the place, orchestrating riots and attacks, yet paying visits to government ministers in Hillborough.

Meanwhile, Spin Féin's 'Make Partition History' rally takes place in Dublin on Saturday, on the eve of the all-Ireland football final. A former GAA president has criticised the decision to hold it on that date, as it will exploit the presence of gaelic fans in the capital. Sport and politics don't mix, and this is a cynical attempt to draw the two together, to the detriment of the GAA and the cause a united Ireland and Irish culture.


Chris Gaskin said...

This is a rally for Irish Unity, are the GAA not interested in Irish Unity?

El Matador said...

Of course the GAA are interested in Irish unity:

Since she has no control over all the national territory, Ireland's
claim to nationhood is impaired. It would be still more impaired if she were to lose her language, if she failed to provide a decent livelihood for her people at
home, or if she were to forsake her own games and customs in favour of the games and
customs of another nation." (GAA Guidebook)

However, the key raison d'etre of the Association is to promote Irish culture and identity, despite the recognised presence of the UK in the north-eastern six counties.

The Association's remit does not extend to political action, or the methods of how to bring about a politically united Ireland. This is the separate remit of political parties, and SF's attempt to combine the two sullies the good name and ideals of the GAA, and is exploiting the timing of the all-Ireland final for its own political ends and propaganda, IMHO.

BTW Chris, I'm sure you'll have a good day tomorrow, and enjoy the post-rally drinks. After all, you've no reason to be fresh and ready the next day to attend the big match ;)

Puppeti said...

"Sport and politics don't mix"
Sport and politics do mix. e.g. Liverpool/Man U Celtic/Rangers Tyrone/Armagh etc. And how many FF/FG members are on the different GAA ruling bodies? However whether this mix is a good thing or a bad thing is very much a personal opinion.
The GAA dont want SF holding a rally on the eve of the biggest game in the year as it will highlight the recent controversial GAA constitutional changes.

Parnell said...

The decision to hold a rally on the eve of The Mens Senior Final would be astonishing if any party, other than Sinn Fein, organised it.

Make Partician History is a pathetic attempt to gain political points by attemping to attach itself to One Worlds, Make Poverty History. The sentiments on unification I can agree with, its the immature method thats abomnable.