Wednesday, November 16, 2005

British Must Be Transparent On Security Leaks

It has emerged that Gerry Adams has been warned, along with a number of provisionals in Short Strand, that he is under threat from loyalists. Whilst this has been the case for three decades, this development is due to a security leak from the British Army.

News reports show that information is not forthcoming on the issue. This is clearly a matter of great importance to all the people of Ireland- the authorities need to be clear and transparent about what is happening.

Nationalists need to be assured that they are safe, and that their well-being is not jeopardised my inept, or at worst collaborative, armed forces.

It is bad enough that hard-working politicians such as the SDLP's Eugene McMenamin and Pat Ramsey are targeted by scum in dissident 'republican' movements, without the added threat to nationalists of whatever strain caused by the leaking of information to active loyalists.

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Parnell said...

Great leap forward in policing. This shows the impartiality of the new PSNI. A few years ago I had cctv, etc installed because of a threat from loyalists. Only last year they called with me to tell me I was under threat from.....Republicans for daring to speak out against their murderous campaign.