Monday, November 14, 2005

CRJ 'Has Covered Up For Provo Rapes'

There was an interesting article on CRJ schemes by Suzanne Breen in yesterday's Sunday Tribune.

It was reported that Eileen Calder, co-director of Northern Ireland's Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre said:

"At best, CRJ adopts a well-meaning but ham-fisted approach on rape and sexual abuse with which they aren't qualified to deal.

"They've hampered cases by interfering with evidence which meant the perpetrators weren't brought to court.

"At worst, they've threatened women and attempted to cover up crimes committed by those with IRA, Sinn Féin or CRJ connections."

Victor Notorantonio from Ballymurphy said a CRJ member asked him to a meeting where he was told his son Frank (18) and nephew Billy (21) had 24 hours to leave the country.

"They wanted me to sign a form saying I wouldn't shelter my son. I told them the boys were going nowhere."

Marie Brown of Foyle Women's Aid says CRJ in Derry should address only non-serious crime, and nothing as complex as domestic violence.

In one case where CRJ was involved in a domestic dispute, the woman went on to attempt suicide."

This raises sincerely worrying issues for the people of the north. It's bad enough that people are suffering from violent and horrific crimes whilst being discouraged from approaching the police, but the suggestion by experts in organisations such as Women's Aid and the RCSA Centre that the problem is being exacerbated by certain CRJ members must surely be the final nail in the coffin of the unaccountable 'republican' breed of restorative justice.

Provo leaders ban ordinary decent people from contacting police over serious crimes, yet are happy enough to give them a buzz when their Mercs get scratched, to make sure they keep their no-claims bonus. As Ruari Quinn said on Saturday at the SDLP Annual Conference, the policing arrangements in the north are the envy of the world. Indeed, he added: "...we should be looking to remodel the Garda Siochana in line with the recommendations of the Patten Report."

It is time for Sinn Féin to stop playing games with people's lives and end the smoke and mirrors charade of CRJ- it is time for them to sign up to Patten and the Policing Board.

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observer said...

Who do Sinn Fein call when suspect packages are left on their doorsteps? Who do SF call when they are involved in a car accident? Who do SF call when their house is burgled?


But God help any non-member who would dare call the police to deal with a crime.