Friday, November 25, 2005

George Best: 1946- 2005

George Best was, quite simply, the most naturally skilled footballer the world has known.

He rose from his origins in the Cregagh area of east Belfast to become the best known and most charismatic sportsman in the British Isles, and was known across the world for his dazzling skill and ability.

George was an integral part of the Manchester United team which won the European Cup in 1968, and was honoured with the European Footballer of the Year award at the tender age of 22.

Although by his mid-twenties he was in the twilight of his career, fans never forgot his prodigious talent.

The later years of his life were marked by alcoholism, and despite being given a liver transplant in 2002, George was unable to overcome his addiction, and his health declined.

However, it is for his unbridled ability and joie de vie that George Best will be remembered.

People from across these isles are proud to call George their own, but it is in Ulster that his neighbours are most proud of George Best and his amazing ability.

He couldn't have had a more appropriate surname- George was quite truly the best, and he will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered.

Goodbye George.

Rest in Peace.


Parnell said...

El Matador: I have been listening to various radio broadcasts, because of power failures, and all experienced journalists expressed genuine emotion at the sad parting of the footballing ledgend that was George Best. George was this and that and so on yet! without exception, they rounded on his problems with alcohol.

What they ommitted to say was alcoholism is a serious illness. George Best was not a hard man that drank a lot. George suffered with an illness that went on to kill him. Alcoholism kills, it destroys lives, there are more people in prison for crime's committed through alcoholism than for any other reason. George Best wasn't always dying for a drink - he died because of it.

ainelivia said...

And of course that will happen in the days to follow. I'll remember George, who was gorgeous, great sense of humour, and definitely one of the best footballers ever.