Thursday, November 24, 2005

IRA Cleaned Gang Rape Scene

IRA Cleaned Gang Rape Scene
The Independent Monitoring Commission is investigating reports that IRA members cleaned up the scene of a gang rape and attempted to stop the victim reporting the crime to police. The IMC, which monitors paramilitary ceasefires, was worried at the allegation. The next report will be presented to the two governments in January and is expected to confirm the IRA is still caught up in all sorts of criminality

The only reason Provisional IRA members carried out the forensic clean-up was because the perpetrators had connections with the Provos and the controversial Community Restorative Justice scheme which they are attempting to impose in staunchly republican areas against the will of residents who want nothing less than a fully professional policing service

The IMC contacted the Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre immediately and held a two-hour meeting with staff to discuss the claims. The IMC delegation included former Assembly speaker, Lord Alderdice; former Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner, John Grieve; and former Department of Justice secretary general, Joe Brosnan.

According to the Rape Crises Centre the meeting went well. It was very thorough and we believe what we said was taken seriously. An independent member of the Policing Board, who was equally alarmed by the claims stating,  “That was a very positive meeting as well and I am now hoping to address the full Policing Board on the general issue of the policing of rape, including the involvement of these community restorative justice schemes," she said.

Republicans operating the CRJ schemes have applied for massive British government funding, that decision is expected in the New Year. But now the SDLP and others have expressed grave concerns as they say the British government's proposed human rights' safeguards fall far short of what is acceptable, that in the worst situations, CRJ had threatened women and attempted to cover up crimes committed by those with IRA, Sinn Féin or CRJ connections.

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