Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Recent Actions Unbelievable!!

    Recent actions show that the people who gave us the dirty war are now ready to give a dirty peace.    I don’t believe Denis Donaldson was the key person being protected.  I think there is something more, something wider.       This corruption has taken place right at the heart of Sinn Fein.  The democratic public out there have been caught between the unbelievable’s.  They don’t know who to believe in relation to many of these issues.  The fact is Denis Donaldson was an agent for many many years.  We need to question the role of the British in all of this - we need to question the role of M15.  Gerry Adams is trying to give the British a by ball by saying this has nothing to do with Tony Blair - That’s Jackanory stuff.

Lets get to the bottom of what exactly what is involved.  It is not the other political parties who are trying to bury the distant or the recent past.  It is Sinn Fein.  When they face difficulty or challenge all they do is last out and blame everybody.  And it wasn’t the other political parties who appeared here a week ago with Denis Donaldson.  Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams look foolish and stupid now.
I think all these events make people a lot more realistic of the nature of the dirty peace that people who are in the lead in this peace process are giving us.  The best they are going to give us is a dirty peace.  People want standards, they want a decent peace.


levee said...

I agree Parnell, the events of the last two or three weeks raise serious questions about the state of the 'Peace Process'. I'm losing confidence quickly.

Although the other politicial parties may not have a responsibility in this matter (SF being directly involved), it is sinister that this farcial episode led to the collapse of our 'government' and reintroduction of direct rule.

It has effectively given our politicians (SF included) an extra three years to play the same old games, instead of getting out there and proving themselves to the electorate.

Ironic that this event is completely overshaddowing the UUP's 'Get Real' campaign.

Parnell said...

Mr Levee: Your instinct is on the money button, "instead of getting out there and proving themselves to the electorate". Recent events are very dissapointing for the electorate, but a reality check can be positive in the long term.