Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hains Intelligence?

Any British steps to transfer justice will be rendered pointless by MI5's proposed new powers. Guidelines for intelligence gathering will be published shortly for the PSNI to hand intelligence to the Security Service next year will be a retrograde and damaging step. On Thursday, the Government will push through legislation to allow our old friend Secretary of State Peter Hain the power to sign away justice powers to a devolved administration at Stormont. The discussion article will accompany the legislation, and it is accepted to stress that by the time justice powers go from London to Belfast, primacy in intelligence gathering will have gone the other way. MI5 is due to take over direct responsibility for intelligence gathering by next year. Pilot work is already under way.

Just when the PSNI schedule for sharing intelligence and handling informers were overhauled the Government have decided to recreate the old problem by giving intelligence gathering to MI5, worse crime and Para militarism go hand in hand, MI5 will gradually look to expand its role into serious crime too therefore transference of justice will be worthless. The goal of nationalists and unionists underwriting each other's security will be lost. Giving intelligence dependability to the faceless men of MI5 is objectionable. It is bad for politics, bad for policing and bad for the peace process. Real accountability is diminished if superiority goes to MI5.


The Dubliner said...

It also means that the role of the Irish government in policing will be severely limited, as MI5 is directly controlled by the Home Office. So, any assurances that the Irish government may issue about the accountability and integrity of the north's police service are rendered null and void.

Perfidious Albion hasn’t gone away, you know.

Parnell said...

Dubliner: This is a rare event, so rare, its like discovering the proverbial hens teeth. In the event these proposals get the go ahead as expected, "I AGREE with you".

Read this slowly, I AGREE WITH YOU"!!!

Sean said...

what consequences does this have for the current policing board imo they are limited at present in their ability and at times willingness to hold the PSNI to account so if this gets the nod the nipb becomes a total lame duck. what now for the sdlp, and it will make it harder if nor impossible for sf to jump. interesting times ahead. back to my point on the sdlp all ireland paper rebuild the nationalist consensus.

Parnell said...

Sean: So lets make sure it dosn't happen. We kept telling you this might happen if you sat on the sidelines whinghing about special branch etc.

The PSNI was accepted by the British and Irish governments the Irish churchs and all political parties with the exclusion of Sinn Fein. Now more than ever is the time for Sinn Fein to come on board and it could happen at the weekend.

The SDLP will oppose MI5 intelligence at every oppertunity why dont you convince your colleagues to do the same. Or will you miss the boat again.