Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Oh Why Can't Irish Girls Be Like This?

A group of final year schoolgirls in Germany have stripped off for a fund-raising calendar to save their graduation ball.

The girls, aged 17 and 18, from Eitorf are now selling the calendars at seven quid each (bargain!) to raise money for the end-of-year dance.

The girls came up with the idea after the school announced it did not have any money left to pay for one.

Their headmaster said: "I was not happy when I heard what the girls were doing, but you can't control what they do in their free time."

This is great! As if this kind of thing would ever happen over here. The most exciting thing that surrounded our school formal was the threat by the ‘powers that be’ to cancel it if we didn’t fork out a fiver to pay for the upkeep of the common room (for common room read manure pit).

Unfortunately, while we see the lengths the lovely ladies of Germany will go to, the photo on the right shows what the people of Ireland have to endure as ‘glamour’.

I suggest that the girls of Ireland should lobby the European Union to fund exchanges with their continental counterparts, in order to learn a few tricks about how to impress the fellas. Such projects will of course be purely for educational purposes. I will be offering my services as exchange supervisor ;)


United Irelander said...

"Their headmaster said: "I was not happy when I heard what the girls were doing, but you can't control what they do in their free time.""

Yeah right! You just know he was first in line to buy the calendar!

El Matador said...

I'm just waiting for it to appear on ebay. Hubba hubba.

iluvni said...

Maybe the Methody girls will read this.....:o)

censor comment if necessary. lol!

Parnell said...

iluvni: No you are entitled to your opinion the comment and your aspiration stays. :)

El Matador said...


I don't think the Methody girls need any assistance- they're jail bait the lot of em... apart from the mingers who also try to wear those short skirts- that's just wrong.

iluvmcbbirds said...

Have a few beers before 3pm and they won't be mingers...apparently.

Jo said...

Ahem, the talk about Methody....?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but when are you going to publish the rest of the callendar?

El Matador said...


As I say, I'm glued to eBay in the search for the holy grail. Any readers who get it should forward it to El Blogador for immediate publication ;)

Anonymous said...

I see this every weekend from those methody girls. nothin changes. sluts the lot of them!!! lol