Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is This The So-Called Liberation Of Iraq?

When George Bush Junior and his lapdog Tony Blair invaded Iraq, they described it as a 'liberation'. I wonder if the events I list below were taking place on the streets of Washington or London, would they describe that as 'liberating'. Saddam Hussein was evil, but alas for the Iraqis it seems like they simply have been pushed from the frying pan quite literally into the (gun)fire. - video of alleged US-led massacre uncovered. - US kill pregnant woman giving birth. - cover-up of alleged US massacre.

I wonder would Tony and George be so happy if it was their families at the receiving end of such brutality. Out of sight, out of mind.


Simon said...

you could add a clip of the election for balance

El Matador said...


It's of little consolation if your family has been slaughtered by American troops whether there has been an election to an as-yet ineffectual parliament.

The Dubliner said...

Given the choice between a comforting lie and an uncomfortable truth, folks will always choose the former - and then lie to themselves that they chose the latter. Even if the truth eventually proves to be stronger than the lie, folks absolve themselves by again lying to themselves in claming others lied to them, when it is really they who lied to themselves. After all, who really believed Tony Blair when he told the British parliament that Iraq had missile that could reach London in 45 minutes? Who believed it had WoMD? Certainly not the UN inspector Hans Blix. Who really believed Colin Powell when he told the UN that Iraq had nuclear capability and posed an imminent threat to the U.S.? Certainly not CIA chief George Tenet. Who really believed that "pre-emptive self-defence" wasn't actually simply outright aggression and illegal war? Certainly not the pre-eminent Pentagon hawk Richard Perle when he claimed: "I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing." Who really believed that western systems of government are applicable to Arab culture, or that imposing our system of their culture was a valid moral justification for unmitigated mass-murder? Only those who wanted to believe it, because believing the powers that be is easier than challenging them. And who really believes that Tony Blair, George Bush, et al, will stand trial for murderous criminality on this scale? Well, no-one believes that one, alas.

The Phantom said...

Please advise of one war at any time in which bad things have not happened. It comes with the territory. War is an awful thing.

Find me one Kurd or Kuwaiti or Marsh Arab who agree with your statement.

I doubt very much whether in your part of the world you see ANY material that is pro-invasion in the major media. I hope that you are reaching out aggressively to other sources in the Internet and elsewhere.

BTW, Blair is no lapdog. He's the opposite. He was for intervention before Bush was even elected. Some lapdog. Yip yip!

Simon said...

The Dubliner It is far far easier in this world to stand up against Bush and Blair then it is to stand against them.

The Dubliner said...

"The Dubliner It is far far easier in this world to stand up against Bush and Blair then it is to stand against them." - Simon

Is it? Then folks won't have any trouble putting Bush and Blair on trial for illegal war (read: euphemism for criminal murder), will they? They it, kid, and you'll quickly find out how 'easy' it actually is to oppose the powers that be. Don't mistake your token right to cry in the wilderness with the power to oppose. ;)

The Dubliner said...

The Phantom, there are international laws which govern the conduct and legitimate causes of war. Thowing your hands up like a pregnant nun and saying "Tis all a terrible thing indeed, but must surely be God's will" doesn't address anything.

The Phantom said...

The Dubliner

I'm not throwing up my hands. I'm saying that the this war was and is legal and just and will be shown as such by history.

Errors have been made, and that is terrible but some error is unavoidable.

Bad deeds have also happened, some of which have been punished ( ie the much-hyped Abu Ghraib ) , others which should be punished.

Don't know what else to say, bro. WW2 was as just a war as has ever been fought--sure you'll agree-- and that war was not without errors yes, and bad misdeeds on the part of the good guys there too at times.

But you knew that.