Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monsignor Denis Faul Dies

I was sad to hear that Monsignor Denis Faul has died.

Mgr. Faul, who was a leading light in attempts to end the Troubles throughout the 35 years of bloodshed, died at a Dublin hospital today at the age of 74.

He first rose to prominence when he marched with the Civil Rights movement in 1968, which was demanding equality for Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Austin Curry, a former government minister in the north and south of Ireland, a prominent civil rights leader and a founder member of the SDLP, said Mgr. Faul will rightly be remembered by most for the courageous part he played in ending the hunger strikes and thereby saving lives.

"But he also deserves to be commemorated with deep gratitude for the exposure of brutality and torture in the period following internment and, consistent with his unremitting opposition to violence in all its forms, his principal activity over so many years as an advocate and defender of civil and human rights," he said.

"Those in trouble could depend on Fr. Faul at any hour of the day or night and he courageously spoke out on behalf of victims of inhumanity and oppression irrespective of the vested interests he offended.

"A life so committed and dedicated to the highest humanitarian and Christian standards deserves to be commemorated by both Church and State."

Rest In Peace.

Full PA story here.

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