Monday, June 19, 2006

New Look El Blogador

I've been experimenting with some new designs for El Blogador and have settled on this black one which I thought looked rather stylish. The banner was a personal addition.

Nothing's set in stone, so have a look and let me know what you think.

Needless to say, your favourite nationalist site will still be packed with the same glorious propaganda insightful writing.



Simon said...

Rule 1 of webdesign. "there is a reason that paper is white. Never do white writing on black background"

I prefare the old look

Jimmy Porter said...

I concur.

I started off with a black background and white writing. It splits your head open after a while reading it and I had to change.

El Matador said...

Does anyone know of a way to maintain this template, but reverse the colours in the actual post section so it is white with black text?

Aileen said...

WOW! I'm part of the consensus - not often that happens ;o)

Really hard to read

David said...

I have a fair idea el mat on a very basic level

Drop me an email and I will try to explain tomorrow

Canadian said...

I like it but, I might have bad eye sight!!! ;)

El Matador said...

I suppose being a democrat and all that, I'll have to take into consideration the opinion of my loyal readers. I suppose I also have to think about my elderly guests whose eyesight isn't up to its former standards ;)

I'm still performing some R & D- if all else fails, I'll just revert back to the old style.

God, you're a bunch of luddites!

Canadian- thank, at least someone has a bit of taste :p

El Matador said...

I've put it back to the original style. Tried messing about with the black template but there was too much work involved.

Aileen said...

Cheeky young whipper-snapper - and I had to put my dentures back in t say that ;o)