Monday, August 07, 2006

A Question Of Moral Choice

An Iranian student leader has died whilst on hunger strike. He was initially sentenced to death for his role in anti-government protests, but this was commuted to 15 years' imprisonment.

Ten Irish republican hunger strikers died 25 years ago at the Maze.

Iran's government sent a representative to Bobby Sands’ funeral and presented his mother with a plaque from the Iranian people. Iran’s capital city Tehran has a ‘Bobby Sands Street’, on which the British Embassy stands. It used to be called Winston Churchill Street. Danny Morrison said that by renaming the street in Sands’ honour, "they [the Iranian government] were honouring a martyr of the people."

Would those who are currently commemorating the 1981 hunger strikes support:

a) the Iranian government, a regime which permits the execution of unmarried children for ‘adultery’ and has imprisoned and tortured innumerable political activists, but which supported the 1981 hunger strikes, or

b) the latter-day ‘martyrs of the people’ i.e. the political activists of Iran, who find themselves in a not dissimilar, but altogether much more brutal and serious situation as Bobby Sands et al in 1981?


plurabella said...

NO and again NO

Madradin Ruad said...

Ten Irish republican hunger strikers died 25 years ago at the Maze.

ten convicted terrorists died 25 years ago. Akbar Mohammadi deserves better than being compared to those criminals.

Anonymous said...

I know there is a point struggling to come out here...