Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't Forget The Staff!

It's a oft-heard criticism of local politicians that they are getting 'paid for doing nothing'. Now, while they may not be legislating up in Stormont, that does not mean they are 'doing nothing'. Indeed, many MLAs I have come across work from early morning to late at night.

However, one group of people who may be joining them in the dole queue soon, but who have no control over the course of events at Stormont, is office staff.

If the Assembly shuts down, workers across the north will find themselves out of work.

This creates a massive problem, as these workers perform a vital task in their local communities, and many people have come to rely on them for assistance and advice.

Let us hope that the deal will be done, the Assembly will rise once again, and party office workers will get to continue in their jobs. []


Anonymous said...

Redundacy is not a nice prosect for anyone. Lets hope that political representatives / MLA's who were elected come to their senses and get on with what they were elected to do.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering did the SDLP struggle to find an employee of an assembly member who was not a relative of that MLA?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2-you sound a real clever azz

Jimmy Porter said...

You just lifted the idea for this post from Sunday's Politics show without even acknowledging them.

Shame on you

El Matador said...

Em, I think you'll see that I've given a direct link to a BBC News website article on the subject. What's your point?

Apart from that, this is a current issue that has been hanging over workers for some time- the BBC didn't just suddenly realise and alert everyone who works for, or is a member of, a political party. I speak daily to people who are affected by this- I don't need the BBC to tell me what's happening.

Now, unless you've something interesting to contribute, kindly toddle off back to your own blog that no one reads.


Jimmy Porter said...

I do have something interesting to contribute.. Staff loosing their jobs, that's politics.

Thats like complaining the staff lost their jobs because the MLA they work for didn't get re-elected. If people like Noeleen wanted job security, she shouldn't work for an MLA or any politicians. I've no sympathy for any constituency workers, if they loose their jobs they lose their jobs thats politics. Get over it.

Would the SDLP decide not to run in Fermanagh/South Tyrone in case they beat Michelle Gildernew and put her constituency workers our of a job?

Jimmy Porter said...

Oh and the only reason why people don't read it is because I could no longer be arsed up dating it as I have more important pressing things to be getting on with.

Ok son.

El Matador said...

Unfortunately Jimmy, not everyone has the choice about what job to take- there isn't exactly much job flexibility in NI, so a lot of people have to take what they can get. Some people are interested in politics and in helping people in their community, hence they applied to work in constituency offices. To say you've "no sympathy for any constituency workers, if they loose their jobs they lose their jobs thats politics. Get over it" is truly breathtaking. Margaret Thatcher would be rubbing her hands in delight.

As in any other area of work, the loss of a job is a stressful and undesirable thing- many of these people have mortgages to pay and families to raise. I wonder if you'd be so glib if you found yourself on the dole queue thanks to the ineptitude of others.

As someone with a social conscience, clearly unlike you, I have sympathy with the plight of workers, be they in the SDLP, DUP, or any other party. Regardless of the causes, a lot of people could find themselves in dire straits come the end of November. They have may sympathy and support.

El Matador said...

Of course, if you had have made your points in the first place, then that would have been fair enough. Instead you went for the cheap shot.