Wednesday, September 13, 2006

El Blogador Is One Year Old!

This time last year on 13th September 2005, while loyalist rioters were holding Belfast to ransom and the political process was in a slump, El Blogador was quietly born.

The key motivation behind me setting up the blog was the desire to address the fact that there was a general absence of constitutional nationalist voices from the blogosphere. Also, credit is due to the ever-excellent Slugger O'Toole, a site which has inspired a large number of people with an interest in Irish politics to start their own blogs, including myself.

Along the way, I was greatly assisted by Parnell, who has since gone on to pastures new.

Over the summer of this year, the site continued to receive a steady flow of visitors despite the lack of action on the political scene. Now that we are moving into the autumn, things are picking up, and El Blogador continues to grow.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited the site, and the many people who have commented.

Now, over 440 posts and tens-of-thousands of visitors later, El Blogador moves into its second year.

Let's hope I have something positive to write about as we enter a period of intense political negotiation. Who knows- perhaps this time next year we will have new administrations at Stormont, as well as in London and Dublin. Time will tell.

In the meantime, feel free to browse back through posts from the first twelve months, and above all go raibh maith agat! []


Parnell said...

Well done El Matador. Excellent news, congratulations. My days with El Blogador were some of the happiest and I honestly wish you continued success in all you do.

Stoopie said...

I'm a regular, if too lazy / disjointed to post...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ELBLOG.

Pastor of Muppets said...

Happy birthday El Blog, the blogging output over the past year has been fantastic. But Parnell, come back, your country needs you!

Canadian said...

Congrats El Matador. Here's to at lease one more year of Blogging.

planetpotato said...

I knew you Northies were a bit behind the times, but calling for Parnell to return? Jaysus..

Safiya said...

Congratulations El Mat!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, especially for it's level-headedness and wit.

Without sounding too sappy, I feel genuinely honoured to be on your blog roll. Long may you continue!

Anonymous said...

To planetpotato.

SPUD off. Parnell was a goode blogger. So you go back to your planet and leave Parnell alone.

El Matador said...

Thank you one and all.

Safiya, you do sound rather sappy, but I'm glad you're happy to be on there ;)

The Phantom said...

Your site is a good one. Happy birthday, and many more.

aileen said...

Happy birthday El Mat.