Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Noose Tightens

Despite attempts by the British Government and unionist politicians to ignore the enormity of what was contained in the Police Ombudsman's report into collusion in north Belfast, there is growing pressure for those who handed the UVF a carte blanche to murder to be held to account.

In parliament today, SDLP leader Mark Durkan used parliamentary privilege to name three former police chiefs, Chris Albiston, Raymond White and Freddie Hall, as those who failed to fully cooperate with Nuala O'Loan's investigation. Meanwhile, there have been growing demands for a full investigation into what went on, and both Sinn Féin and the SDLP have called for former head of Special Branch and the RUC Ronnie Flanagan to be sacked from his current job of Inspector of Constabularies, and to be stripped of his police pension.

However, like a wind-up toy, Ian Paisley Jr.'s reaction was sickeningly predictable to the report, and after today's Policing Board meeting he made a futile attempt to dismiss O'Loan's findings. Likewise, the irrelevant Ken Maginnis of the Ulster Unionists staged the comedy performance of 2007 on Spotlight when he failed to address the issues raised in O'Loan's report, instead attacking her and her staff. In case he doesn't know, she is a trained solicitor and was a senior law lecturer, so I'd pretty much guess she knows what she's talking about.

Key among the Holocaust Deniers' claims is that there is no evidence for the allegations levelled at Special Branch- if they'd bothered to read the report, they would have realised that one of the key problems is that evidence was destroyed!

Thankfully, some Ulster Unionists displayed a bit of cop-on, with their Policing Board members having to concede that O'Loan's report was clear and could not be disputed. However, fellow Policing Board member Dawn Purvis, who has been elected leader of the UVF-aligned PUP, has refused to meet Raymond McCord. Mr. McCord was the person who lodged the complaint which launched the investigation after hisn son was murdered by the UVF/ RUC. Meanwhile, unionists MLAs have blocked attempts by Sinn Féin and the SDLP to debate the Ombudsman's findings at Stormont- what have they to worry about from discussion unless they fear there is something to hide?

If this sort of thing happened anywhere else in the world, there would be outrage. Imagine the consternation if it were discovered that the Met had paid BNP members and let them kill black people systematically for a lengthy period of time- it would be an international scandal. But as far as RUC collusion is concerned, Britain couldn't care less so long as it's just a load of paddys killing each other (irrespective of their religion). It is imperitive that decent people of all religions and political backgrounds put massive pressure on the authorities in Ireland and Britain and demand that the full truth be exposed.

Those who have a vested interest in the truth being hidden will throw everything they have at blocking the exposure of the true facts behind collusion- their efforts represent the most base, disgusting and repulsive characteristics of humanity and must be counteracted at every turn.

Everyone in the north deserves to know the full facts behind the Troubles. As I have said before, those who have nothing to be ashamed of should have nothing to hide. Let us get everything out in the open and people can decide for themselves what they make of it all. El Blogador


iluvni said...

Why did he have to use parliamentary privelege to name the three?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you El Mat. I guess the question is how to facillitate the process so that it's constructive.

The truth must be heard, but at the same time work should continue towards the process of building a representative police force.

NickyJG said...

El Mat,

With respect, after the embarrasment you invited upon yourself with you're ridiculous postings/position following Rememberance day, it is no surpsrise for me to see this blog with so few commentators on such an important subject.

The morally bankrupt, hypocritical manouverings of SDLP careerist type politicians and politicos is well recognised by the nationalist community in the North now, no matter how loudly Mark Durkan postures in Westminster at PMQ's for the benefit of Newsline!

If the accepted definition for collusion is now extended to incorporate 'through ommission' then you and your predecessors before you are as culpable in this as any. Maybe you don't remeber it, or choose not to, but day by day you played the easy hand, never wanting to go against the grain. Republican assertions that they were fighting a system operating in a way Botha would have been proud were met with indifference at best, derision at worst.

The credibility of you or the SDLP pontificating on this issue is nil. It's as nauseating to hear them trying to make capital from this as it was when they jumped ship on policing.

El Matador said...


As an MP it is his right. Probably, it was the most public forum in which to raise the issue and directly address Blair. Not that Blair has any sense of embarrassment over anything, but at least he was put on the spot.


I think that's what all right-minded people want- justice, peace and proper policing.


If you want to talk about moral backrupty, perhaps you ought to analyse your own obsession with the SDLP as opposed to the issue of collusion, before criticising others. As far as Remembrance Day is concerned, the only embarrassment is the lack of historical knowledge or prespective from persons such as yourself.

"The morally bankrupt, hypocritical manouverings of SDLP careerist type politicians and politicos is well recognised by the nationalist community in the North now"

Really- so why do they still command 40% of the nationalist vote? And if you describe the SDLP's actions as 'morally bankrupt', then how would you describe Kingsmills, Enniskillen, the killing of Jean McConville, etc. etc. (repeat the etc. about 2,000 times)?

"If the accepted definition for collusion is now extended to incorporate 'through ommission' then you and your predecessors before you are as culpable in this as any."

I'm guilty of collusion? Really? What next- I suppose I'll be blamed for the Holocaust. Must remember to clean my teeth after eating those babies [rolls eyes].

"The credibility of you or the SDLP pontificating on this issue is nil. It's as nauseating to hear them trying to make capital from this as it was when they jumped ship on policing."

Sorry, you've lost me. What are you on about? Are you on crack?

It's at time like this when one sees bizarrely inept debaters such as yourself with an obsession with the SDLP which blinds your poltiical judgement, that one realises the need for a real nationalist party that will fight for the true needs of the people.

God, I don't even know why I bother responding to the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

nickyjg what the f**k r u talkin about. why would the sdlp have ignored colusion- there members suffered from it too. as did protestants (raymond mccord). in fact the majority of people who died after colusion were just innocent civilians (such as miami showband). sf are just p***ed off because they cant monopolise victimhood on this one and dont like the fact that the sdlp is doing a good job. if u actually cared about the victims of colusion, u wouldnt be on here acting the dick and criticising the sdlp and trying to score cheap points. grow up. -Derryman.

NickyJG said...

El Mat,

John Hume was able to get away with a single transferable speech because he had gravitas, and had at least been in the front line on many issues. I don't think your effort above can be similarly redeemed.

Yes, El Mat, upon posting on this site an invitation to honour those British servicemen that "fought in battle" (I believe was your qualification) you were comprehensively outgunned. Of course, that many pointed out to you that the perpetrators of collusion were also honoured at Rememberance day didn't carry much weight with you as, quite frankly, many in the SDLP never faced up to the reality of this rancid bastion of the state. Furthermore, you danced around reconciling a claimed adherance to nonviolence with an honouring of those that used violence to achieve thier means. Moral bankruptcy.

You seem to have no qualms with those that killed in 1916, either in the Somme or in the GPO (yes, you're type of political opinion which lined up then to jeer "Irelands terror" until they thought they could also ride the wave of indignation at their executions). I suspect the reason why is that, like the proverbial fair weather friend, it's doesn't take as much effort to do the handy thing.

Of course, you can do your best Ken Maginnis impression and mention the actions of the IRA in response to a post which highlights the politically vacuous nature of many within the SDLP in miraculously finding a voice on collusion after all these years.

As you stuck your fingers in your ears and shouted in response, I must agin assert that, yes, it was nauseating to know that the SDLP used the policing issue and Patten to attempt to outmaneuver a political opponent, and it is just as uncomfortable to see your party blustering now, when the membership is full of people who were tacit in their mealy mouthedness throughout the past few decades when they had ample opportunity to stand up and rock that boat for all it was worth. Doing so is not exactly the SDLP's forte, many now know.

Anonymous, the exact reason I am on here is because I am galled at the SDLP's barefacedness as someone who remembers the time when they distanced themselves publically time and again from any groundswell attempting to shine a light on this.

With respect, I suspect you and El Mat are probably too young to remember watching talk shows in the 80's when SDLP representatives habitually pulled the 'offical' line on this issue to remain comfortable beside Unionist panelists. It was simply handier to turn it back onthier opponents who weren't on the panel, who couldn't challenge them there and then, and whom it was fashionable to castigate at every turn. If you carried these memories, you would perhaps understand how they sit so uncomfortably beside my fresh memories of SDLP righteous indignation.

NickyJG said...

Now that my anger has subsided a little, I would also like to add that I am all for the SDLP attempting to lend thier weight to a full expose of this dirty war. It would just be nice to know that they haven't just wiped the past decades of their obstinance on such matters clear from thier memory when commenting.

I have yet to see one SDLP member admit they were wrong to take the positions they adopted in the past regarding this issue. They were the only Nationalist voice that had airtime whem much of this was occurring and, at worst, aided the success of the policy through their negation of their responsibility to dig deeper.

El Matador said...


I'll leave your comments as they stand- your rants of whataboutery reveal more about you than me. I wish to talk about collusion, but wish to use the opportunity to throw everything you can, regardless of the content.

BTW, can you point me towards an incident where someone from the SDLP denied collusion? I'd like to see where the source of your accusations is.

El Matador said...

Incidentally, I think you'll find that my point about WWI was to remember the human sacrifice of a good many Irish people who went to war with the support of the vast majority on this island at the time. You can choose to warp it for your own political ends, but then I wouldn't really expect you to empathise with humanity considering you presumably think it was ok to plant bombs and run away leaving innocent people to be blown to shreds, to put bullets in people's heads and dumping them in ditches, and indeed to send young gullible men out to blow themselves up in order to further the ends of an organisation which ultimately lost the argument and became the SDLP for the misguided. Then again, I guess you believe that Nazi collaborator Seán Russell was the best thing since sliced bread, so I should have expected as much.

By the way, you play the 'I'm older than you card'- well I guess you'll remember when the IRA was blowing the crap out of workplaces and pushing people onto the dole and when it was killing more Catholics than any other single organisation. But then that doesn't fit in with your green-tinted view of the world.

Sean said...

elmat your party leader and spokesperson on policing have both been claiming for years how they showed Ronnie Flannagan the door. he must really hate them £450000 golden handshake and £86000 per year for the rest of his life and all the collusion files he could carry. Mark and Alex ruthless.

El Matador said...


You aren't seriously suggesting that the SDLP handed Flanagan his sizeable pension, are you? Please make some attempt to maintain some modicum of credibility!

South Armagh Voter said...


I look forward to a full inquiry on collusion - and the naming of all the colluders both loyalist and republican who will be revealed. The one thing that the SDLP can NEVER be accused of and that is collusion (regardless of the slurs you try to visit upon them )- Can SF/provos also state that their members never colluded with the Brits? - after the Donaldson episode I think not!