Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Provo Policing Pantomime

Sinn Féin is running a series of 'public meetings' (or more accurately, pointless talking shops which will have no influence on a decision which has already been taken by its leadership) prior to the special policing Ard Fheis at the end of the month. Presumably anyone can go, so here are the dates:

Saturday 20th - Arby's, Toome, at 2pm
Saturday 20th - Galbally, County Tyrone at 6pm
Sunday 21st - Newcastle Centre at 6.30pm
Monday 22nd - Canal Court Hotel, Newry at 7pm
Tuesday 23rd - Slieve Russell, Ballyconnell at 7.00pm
Wednesday 24th - Devinish Complex, Belfast at 8pm
Thursday 25th - Millennium Centre, Derry at 7pm.

Nice venues- clearly the 'revolution' has moved from attacking plush hotels to attacking dissent inside plush hotels. But then it must be borne in mind that provos are now accustomed to such high living, given the first class treatment they receive from British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Chequers- after all, one must be in comfortable accommodation when one is jettisoning one's 'principles'. Still, better late than never... El Blogador


Anonymous said...

Yes...They certainly have come a long way.No doubt any dissidents will be rooted out before the meeting starts by the thier internal security department(just as well most of the 'nuttin squad' arn't around anymore) and no doubt there will be plenty of 'plants' in the audience asking questions which will have already been well rehersed by the Speakers involved backing up thier support for the recent resolution.And those poor old gullable run of the mill Shinners will lap it all up.
You could accept all this in a Puppet State such as North Korea or Stalin's Russia..oh sorry I forgot we are dealing with a Party that already works along Stalinist lines.
I wonder will Davy Hyland the recently deselected Assembly candidate from Newry get an invite to the Newry 'meeting'.Might just upset the old applecart!I suppose he could stand outside with a placard.He would be will used to this from the past as a member of Sinn Fein the Placard Protesting Party!

Hypocrite Alert said...

The SDLP in Newry will tonight host a public debate on community restorative justice

The debate will take place in the Savoy Suite, Canal Court Court Hotel, at 7:30 PM.