Monday, January 08, 2007

Watch Your Back: Watch Your Bank!

As regular readers of El Blogador are probably aware, I'm not averse to criticising the uber-capitalism of banks and credit card companies, so suffice to say that when a letter from my bank arrived at my house informing me that I had been charged £25 for going overdrawn I was ready for ructions. The funny thing was though that the letter referred to an account which I rarely use any more, hence the fact that there was very little money in it and only a small overdraft facility, so I fired up the laptop and logged into my account online to see what the story was. I noticed a few strange looking transactions that had taken place in one day in the mouth of Christmas, so decided to give the bank a buzz. After enquiring as to whether I had been in Bangkok lately, they confirmed that someone in Thailand had been helping themselves to my money.

Now, I was aware of bank fraud and would be very careful how I use my cards, but the fact that I never use that account any more made the revelations all the more worrying. How the hell did they get my details?! Luckily the bank agreed to refund the charges as well as the money which had been stolen, which only happened to be about 200 quid.

Anyway, it just shows that you need to keep an eye on your account, lest someone is relieving you of your hard earned cash! El Blogador

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David said...

Couldnt agree more El mat my credit card was used extensively in Latvia last year. Thankfully my bank caught onto this when they noticed a payment in Latvia followed by one in Texas and then another in Latvia all on the same day.

Again bank refunded me.