Thursday, July 31, 2008


It was quite clear that the McCain camp in the American presidential race were none to pleased at the reception Barack Obama got in Europe during his recent trip. However, the negative campaigning of the Republicans has taken a somewhat sourer turn in their latest campaign video- 'Celeb'. In it, they mock Obama's ability to command massive crowds around the world, interspersing images of the Democratic presidential hopeful and massive crowds with random attacks on his policies and pictures of such other 'celebrities' as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

The thrust of the ad is to question whether Obama's ability to fill studiums qualifies him to be a good President. The problem, though, is that the video says absolutely nothing about what McCain's alternative is. The fact that an American presidential candidate can command such support is surely a good thing, given how things have gone in Iraq. Yet McCain's video comes across as churlish in the extreme and wreaks of bitterness over the issue they highlight- Obama's celebrity.

Obama's ability to energise people is refreshing. His ability to command such attention is unprecedented. For the first time in a long time, people are enthused about American politics.

The real question is: does a nasty and pointless video by McCain which mocks the very thing that his campaign lacks- dynamism- qualify him to be good President? Clearly not.


Anonymous said...

Having just returned from the USA where there is wall to wal coverage of the election and in particular Obama - who still has a curiosity factor and people claim to be fatigued by the election race - yet in many places we visited the Obama supporters were hard at work - on the street selling badges - to opening little shops in small rural towns selling the stickers etc - this is dedication and I didn't see anything of the same support for McCain - he seemed to be a non-story - though the votes will tell the tale in the long run!

The Phantom said...

Obama is still largely a blank slate, and the man does have a lot of questionable associations.

His polls have started to slip. I think that the man has reached a high point, and McCain will take the reins from this point on.