Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remember The Disappeared

Patrick mentions on his Amnesty blog that today is International Day of the Disappeared.

The purposeful vanishing of murder victims by the IRA and INLA was among the most brutal and evil acts of the Troubles. As if it wasn't enough to snuff out the lives of these men (and women in Jean McConville's case), their killers took it upon themselves to put the families of the deceased through a lifetime of agony, unable to give their loved ones a decent burial.

Perhaps the most prominent of those family members was Vera McVeigh, whose son Columba was among those whose body has never been found, nor its location revealed. Vera died last year never having been able to lay her son to rest properly.

Meanwhile, other relatives of the Disappeared continue to wait in hope for details of the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Those who carried out these evil acts are not Irish Republicans- their actions are a blot on the cause of Irish unity and did nothing whatsoever to help reunification. The murder of these people and the subsequent hiding of their battered and bloody corpses was nothing short of a wanton and dispicable act of cruelty and depravity. Perhaps reflecting this fact, the terrorist organisations behind them have not had the guts to admit responsibility in some cases. How brave.

Let us all hope that one day the families get some sort of closure on this sad issue.

Kevin McKee: disappeared 2 October 1972
Seamus Wright: disappeared 2 October 1972
John McIlroy: disappeared 1974
Columba McVeigh (17): disappeared 31 October 1975
Brendan Megraw (24): disappeared 8 April 1978
Capt. Robert Nairac: disappeared 1977
Gerald Evans (24): disappeared 1979
Charles Armstrong (55): disappeared 16 August 1981
Danny McIlhone: disappeared 1981
Seamus Ruddy (33): disappeared 9 May 1985
Sean Murphy (25): disappeared 1986

Rest In Peace.


Anonymous said...

It is the IRA and SF who are let off the hook on this terrible legacy of the troubles - shame on hold office for policing and justice - this piece says it all .....

Safiya Outlines said...

You're right, this is one of the lowest points of the Troubles.

Some of these people were murdered 26 years ago, how terrible the torment must be for the families.

I can't believe the individuals who did this don't even have the decency to give an anonymous tip off as to where the bodies are.

They should not be forgotten. Thank you for such an eloquent reminder, El Mat.