Saturday, August 23, 2008

Show Mugabe A Red Card - Sign The Petition

The SDLP Youth Blog takes a look at the state of Zimbabwe, and urges people to sign a petition calling for Mugabe to resign. This weekend, Mugabe is meeting with 15 other African leaders to discuss the progress of talks with the opposition in Zimbabwe. A massive group of trade unionists will march through Johannesburg calling for Mugabe to resign, supported by 100,000 people who have signed the petition.


Anonymous said...

It is time that Mugabe got the message from the internatioanl community - it's time to go!

discount prescription card said...

I hoped that Mugabe would resign. I personally signed this petition. A great petition, for a great cause.

The march was held while i was in Cape Town and therefore i could not take part in the march.

However I would have marched with them!

Thank you for this, alot of people are not very aware as to what is going on and therefore i think it is very generous of you.