Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alliance Party U-Turns on Justice Ministry

SDLP Youth have accused Alliance leader David Ford of delaying the implementation of the Policing & Justice ministry by partipicating in a plot by the DUP and SF to gerrymander the Executive ministerial seats.

Earlier today, BBC News revealed David Ford has changed his mind and has not ruled out taking the Justice Ministry.

SDLP Youth Chairman Peter Armstrong accused David Ford of "participating in back room deals with the DUP and Sinn Féin to deny nationalist voters their rightful mandate to the new Justice Ministry".

"The SDLP are going to fight for what is rightfully theirs - what has been mandated to them.

"Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness seem determined to undermine the democratic Assembly structures. In attempting to deny the SDLP their position, they are denying a seat on the Executive to the 105,000 nationalist voters who put the SDLP as their first preference. Instead, they want the Alliance party to take on the post, even though they do not qualify for any seat on the Executive as not enough people vote for them."

The SDLP blog also includes a table to remind people just how the D'Hondt mechanism works:

It shows that even if the Executive kept adding new ministries, the SDLP, DUP and SF would all get assigned new ministries before it was the turn of the Alliance Party.


Anonymous said...

D'hondt cannot be scrapped for the justice ministry - if that is the case then we might as well have a free for all and maybe a bun fight thrown in for good measure

Democratic-Centre said...

Well let's see, even if d'Hondt was to be used arguably it could be re-run meaning if the DUP and SF gave it up it would be the UUP next, and I'd rather have Alliance than the UUP.

As a social democratic party why aren't you happy with allowing progress to come first than party interests?????

Durkan used structural fundamentalism against SF rather than supporting an environment of confidence-giving by supplying instead some realistic substance as to why policing powers should be devolved.

Sorry I don't agree with you on this one and Mark Durkan abused a non-sectarian vision to suit his party interests - that jars with me.

Anonymous said...

Of all the parties in NI the SDLP has more than any put the people before the party - it was John Hume after all who took the shinners in from the cold when no one else wanted to know them - so to say that they are putting party before people is daft - it is SF and the DUP ho are doing that and alawys have done so look at the fighting that has gone on in the political arena for the last 10 years caused by SF and ther DUP! SF is allowing the DUP to veto a nationalist as the first Policing Minister - this goes back to the old days of Lord Brookborough 'no Catholic need apply' - shame on SF for allowing this to happen - and then they accuse the SDLP of siding with the unionists - I think they should look in the mirror first before deriding the SDLP - the party of principle and true power sharing

Pierre Brasfort said...

If d'Hondt was re-run at least there would be some fairness in it, because the SDLP would get their 2nd seat that is mandated to them and the Alliance party would not get one, as they do not qualify for one.

The SDLP are fighting for their seat because 105,000 nationalists voted first preference for them. And now Sinn Fein and the DUP are saying 'no nationalist need apply' for the Justice post. It's madness.

Structural fundamentalism? lol - is that where you follow the Assembly rules?