Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dawn Of A New Era

Today marks a major milestone in American history. For the first time in a country which not so long ago had slavery and even more recently had segregation, a black man has become President.

I haven't seen before anything that compares to the tide of goodwill which has accompanied Barack Obama to the White House. The positivity in recent months, and in particular today as millions took to the the streets of Washington DC to greet the new President, is in stark contrast to the gloom invoked by global financial problems.

And these are the problems which will greet the President as he takes his seat in the Oval Office. The goodwill will sustain him for a decent amount of time, but he will need to deliver the goods to meet the almost impossible expectations which have been placed upon him.

Good luck and best wishes.


Anonymous said...

I think the people hae put too high of hopes in Obama - I hope they may not be disappointed

socialist said...

Once the hype has died down then we will get a better idea if he rally means business