Monday, May 04, 2009

Old-fashioned posters

Finally saw a solitary SDLP poster on my travels over the weekend. Alban Magennis has removed his moustache which is good because there was a while there when he could have been confused with Borat. Noticed too that the SDLP has a slogan on their poster: “We win, you win.” Nice and snappy and certainly a hark back to traditional practices, the idea of trying to headline a campaign and give it some meaning.

Also had a chance to see one of the Jim Nicholson’s UUP posters up close while out cycling. It too has a slogan that I had not noticed before: “Vote for change.” It is not very strong given that change is one thing that one does not associate with the UUP. Even stranger is the very, very, very small print at the bottom of the poster which bears the boast “Conservative and Unionist Party”. It seems odd that the UUP would go to such lengths to achieve the tie-in with Cameron’s Toffs and then have it in such small letters on their election material.

That said, no party has come close to beating Sinn Féin and their poster parade. I was in west Belfast at the weekend and could not help but notice the scores of SF posters on the lamp-posts. The credit crunch has obviously not affected the party’s ability to fund their campaign. Full-colour posters are not cheap, even in these times. (There does not seem to be a slogan on the SF posters. I guess the traditional appeal to the colours is all they need.)


Anonymous said...

Doh. Vote for Change is because voting for UCUNF is a way of voting against the government.

Pól Ó Muirí said...

But is it really a vote for change? Really?